How to create target personas

Target/User personas Target persona describes the Key characteristics, needs, responsibilities and motives of a typical user segment. Why it matters: Having a strong understanding of the target persona helps a product manager to build features that are relevant to them rather than creating a one size fits all feature. Products are built to solve problems…More

Vision vs Business goal vs Strategy

Great products are created when there is a clear vision, a business goal, and a strategy that seeks to improve people’s lives while also benefiting companies. Writing and communicating the vision, strategy, and quantifiable goals can motivate and assist employees build exceptional products, increasing the likelihood of the company’s vision being realised. Let’s break down…More

Passion or Paycheck?

Last week, during my companies leadership leadership program, we listened to the Problem with passion topic from the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott. Here’s a short write-up on my understanding from the session. What drives your team? Passion or Pay-check? Learning what motivates the employees is essential for a leader to build a successful team. Every individual is…More

How to measure a product usage

Product usage metric helps product leaders understand whether a product or a feature is engaging users well or falling short. Understanding the usage helps you determine if a feature needs a redesign, promotion to improve its adoption or if it needs to be sunset if you discover the feature isn’t useful to users. How to…More

Speed vs Quality

I stumbled upon this excellent article written by Brandon Chu on Confidence determines speed vs. quality that I would love to elaborate it here. Speed and Quality are considered the opposite things in building products and having one comes at the cost of the other. To choose one over the other, you’ll need to understand…More

What’s your Time to value ?

Time to value (TTV) is a metric that measures the time taken for a new customer to experience the value from your product. In the world of free to paid SaaS business model, It is important to reduce the TTV, so customers will find the value faster and upgrade to a paid subscription.  Shorter TTV…More

What is your product innovation type ?

Companies tend to innovate at various levels to either address the needs of the customers in radically a new way or just to uplift their presence and viability in the market. To innovate, a company should understand and act strategically rather than believing that adhoc efforts taken periodically would lead to innovation. To come up…More

Qualities of a great product vision

A product is created because there exists a compelling vision that brings positive change to people. A vision is important to inspire the employees to build products to achieve the greater goal. Few examples of great vision: Amazon Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find…More

Build a 30 seconds product strategy – Elevator pitch framework

Product strategy is a high-level plan that helps a company achieve its overall vision. An extraordinary vision needs a clear strategy to build great products. It’s a high-level plan that helps you realise your vision or overarching goal. More specifically, the product strategy should describe who the product is for and why people would want…More

Design Thinking – The holy grail of innovation

Design Thinking Design thinking is a philosophy that anchors human-centred approach to innovation. In simple terms, it helps organisations identify simple solutions to complex problems and become a customer-centric company.  Who’s it for? Design Thinking is not just for designers, it has evolved and can be applied to various fields such as manufacturing, architecture and…More